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Network infrastructure provider SP Telecom owns, builds and powers communications and infrastructure services in Singapore.

A joint venture company of ST Electronics and Singapore Power Group, SPTel runs one of the most extensive fibre based networks in Singapore and delivers exceptional reach, availability and service to our customers and partners. We aim to improve th way people, places and things conmnect with each other by providing advanced network infrastructure, enabling technologies, and building ecosystems. We work with partners and customers to offer everyone a connected lifestyle.

Combining the agility and flexibility of a start-up with the strength, reliability and integrity of the ST Electronics and Singapore Power group of companies, SPTel brings customers focus and innovative solutions to market.

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SP Telecom Powers Progress

At SP Telecom, we believe that connections create progress. By enabling better communication and stronger networks, we are doing our part to power individuals, businesses and our country forward.

We are a new business with a new outlook. We do not believe in status-quo. We constantly challenge ourselves to look at things from new angles, searching for ways to improve how we help our customers. We believe that by thinking and behaving with agility, we can improve the way people, places and things connect with each other, allowing them to work towards their goals and progress together towards a brighter future.

In short, we are unstoppable in our quest to improve how you connect. Our goal: to help businesses realise their potential.

Our Parent Company -

ST Electronics

ST Electronics has more than 40 years of experience in providing intelligent transportation systems, satellite and broadband communications, and information communications technologies (ICT) solutions to governments and commercial enterprises worldwide. Our operations span the globe with offices in Africa, China, Europe, India, Latin America, North America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Our strength lies in our ability to transform cutting-edge technologies into innovative products and solutions that are cost-effective. The solutions we developed are strategically targeted at e-Government, satellite communications, rail and intelligent transportation markets, including rail electronics and traffic management, as well as eco-enabling ICT solutions for businesses.

ST Electronics has established a strong presence in about 30 cities of 20 countries, serving a customer network that spreads across more than 100 countries.

Singapore Power Group

SP Group (SP) is a leading energy utility company in Asia Pacific. One of Singapore's largest corporations, SP recorded revenues of S$4.0 billion and assets of S$16.7 billion in FY15/16. SP owns and operates electricity and gas transmission and distribution businesses in Singapore and Australia. It also owns and operates the world's largest underground district cooling network in Singapore, and is setting up district cooling operations in China. More than 1.5 million industrial, commercial and residential customers in Singapore benefit from SP's world-class transmission, distribution and market support services. The SP networks in Singapore are amongst the most reliable and cost-effective worldwide.