SP Telecom’s Dark Fibre service is uniquely diverse, extensive and secure

Businesses choose dark fibre for their connectivity needs because of its high optical performance, near invulnerable security and ability to support extreme bandwidth speeds. Because we build and own our dark fibre network, we can offer customers and partners tailored solutions to meet their stringent requirements. Whether you require the shortest path between two locations or more complex options such as diverse fibre paths with varying lead-in points into buildings, SP Telecom is your ideal network provider. You can decide what service platform to use and what protocols you wish to deploy over the fibre network for full control over your network usage, physical pathways and bandwidth expansion.

Benefits at a glance

  • Hassle free and easily scalable

Simply lease the dark fibre cables from us and run your network in the way that best suits your business needs. Thinking of expanding or future proofing? You’ll have the flexibility to scale your bandwidth speeds as your business needs increase.

  • Fewer delays due to 3rd party management

We manage and maintain our dark fibre cables and have direct access to the assets that they pass through (sub stations and manhole covers). They also terminate in commercial building switch rooms where we have direct access. This greatly cuts down the lead time needed to lay and maintain our dark fibre cables.

  • 24/7 dark fibre management by a Singapore based NOC

We will maintain and repair the dark fibre lines and our NOC team will always be on standby to remedy faults.

Unique dark fibre paths and path diversity for business resiliency

Need a network that has diverse path options for greater business resilience? Our dark fibre runs on a completely separate and unique path from other providers. In addition, we can provide path diversity on top of the current unique fibre paths (that’s double the diversity vs. other providers). Learn more about our network diversity here.

Diverse Dark Fibre Path Diagram

Artist impressions for illustration purpose only

SP Telecom’s dark fibre network VS other providers

SP Telecom Other providers
Route into commercial buildings Via building switch room which we have direct access Common building lead-in manhole which may need 3rd party permission to access
Fibre path Using power substations and surplus power pipes Using NetLink Trust
Risk of fibre cut Fibre cables at least 2.5m deep for major routes Fibre cables around 1.2m deep

Technical Specifications

Single mode Fibre compliant with ITU-T%.652.D

Dark Fibre is provided in a single path on an “as is” basis

Attenuation Co-efficient @1310nm

≤ 0.4 dB/km

Attenuation Co-efficient @1550nm

≤ 0.35 dB/km

Splice Loss

0.1 dB

Connector Loss

0.35 dB

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Why SP Telecom?


Diversity & Coverage

Offering You Unique Diverse Path Into Your Building SP Telecom’s fibre network is one of the most diverse and extensive in Singapore. We are the only operator with this unique network topology that runs alongside the SP Power Grid. SP Telecom enters buildings differently from other telcos which offers a unique and diverse path option for your network. SP Telecom manages and owns its backhaul and leverages SP power substation assets, manhole and lead-in pipes into the buildings.

Security & Reliability

SP Telecom pipes are fortified with layers of concrete slabs, along with electromagnetic field detectors to provide added protection. Concrete slabs fully shield the cable pipes that are placed underneath. This signals to personnel working or excavating nearby to be careful of the cables underneath. It also acts as a physical barrier against potential accidental damage caused by roadworks and construction to ensure maximum uptime for your network. This security feature enhances the reliability of service SP Telecom provides. Whether the shortest path or more complex options are needed, enterprises choose SP Telecom as a partner they can trust.

Monitoring & Peace of Mind Assured

SP Telecom operates a secure Singapore based 24x7 Network Operations Centre (NOC) with a service desk that actively monitors networks, and resolves issues 365 days of the year. We have combined our strong technical capabilities with service excellence to provide a consistently delightful customer experience that gives customers across public and private sectors the assurance that their next generation network services that underpin business growth and economic performance, are secure.