SP Telecom MetroEthernet (MetroE) provides customers simple and reliable Ethernet connectivity with flexible bandwidths.

It offers a high-performance network service delivered on our diverse fibre reach, connecting customers between commercial buildings and to datacentres.


SP Telecom MetroE provides Point to Point and Point to Multipoint connectivity options with coverage across major data centres and commercial districts in Singapore. With our diverse fibre path entry via substations and resiliency in our network design, we are positioned to serve customers with a focus on total service availability and network quality.

SP Telecom MetroE offers:

  •  Bandwidth from 10Mbps to 10Gbps
  •  Fibre based architecture with building entry via substation
  •  Path diversity option for our Ethernet circuits
  •  Dynamic pricing option base on usage
  •  Connect onwards to Cloud Service Providers
  •  Flexible multi-year contract terms
  •  Service levels for service delivery and availability
  •  24/7 proactive network monitoring and support

Point to Point (P2P)

Point to Multi-point (P2MP)

Handover Interface

Bandwidth options from 10Mbps to 10Gbps

Handover Interface

100Base-T, 1000Base-LX, 10GBase-LR


RJ-45, LC, SC

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Why SP Telecom?


Diversity & Coverage

Offering You Unique Diverse Path Into Your Building SP Telecom’s fibre network is one of the most diverse and extensive in Singapore. We are the only operator with this unique network topology, running alongside SP Power Grid. SP Telecom centers buildings differently, offering a unique and diverse path. SP Telecom manages and owns its backhaul, and leverage its parent’s power substation assets, manhole and lead-in pipes into the buildings.

Security & Reliability

SP Telecom pipes are fortified with layers of concrete slabs, along with electromagnetic field detectors to provide added protection. The width of the concrete slabs exceeds the cable pipes’ width placed underneath. When pipes are under concrete, this is a deterring sign to personnel working or excavating nearby. It also acts as a physical barrier against potential accidental damage to buried cables, eliminating costly loss of productivity and repairs. This security feature enhances the reliability of service SP Telecom provides. Whether the shortest path or more complex options are needed, enterprises choose SP Telecom as a partner they can trust.

Monitoring & Peace of Mind Assured

SP Telecom operates a secure Singapore-based 24x7 Network Operations Centre (NOC) with a service desk actively monitoring networks, resolving issues and upkeeping customer service levels 365 days of the year. Our strong technical capabilities and service par excellence promises a delightful customer experience, assuring and providing ease of mind to customers across the public and private sectors to secure their next generation network services that underpin business growth and economic performance.