SP Telecom’s OpticNet Dark Fibre service is one of the most diverse, extensive and secure in Singapore. Because we build and own our dark fibre network, we are able to offer our customers and partners tailored solutions to meet their stringent requirements.

Whether you require the shortest path between two locations or more complex options such as diverse cable paths with varying lead-in points into buildings, SP Telecom is your ideal solutions provider.

A point-to-point service, each dark fibre consists of 2 cores of fibre per route. We will provide you

  • The Fibre Path diagram
  • Distance between 2 locations
  • Estimated attenuation via Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (“OTDR”) & Power Meter Test


SP Telecom's OpticNet Dark Fibre service is a point-to-point layer 1 service that provides customers with the capability to build up their internal telecommunications network


Exceptional Reach and Protection

SP Telecom’s system of ducts is one of the most diverse and extensive in Singapore. Because our underground system runs parallel to Singapore’s power lines, ours is extremely diverse and is uniquely SP Telecom’s – setting us apart from our competitors.

Layers of concrete slabs, along with electromagnetic field detectors provide added protection for our network.

Technical Specifications

Single mode Fibre compliant with ITU-T G.652.D

Optical Dark Fibre is provided in a single path on an “as is” basis

Attenuation Co-efficient:
≤ 0.35 dB/km at 1310nm

Chromatic Dispersion Co-efficient:
≤ 3.5 ps/nm.km at 1310nm (per manufacturer’s specification)

Handover Interface:
LC Connector