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“SPTel’s IoTaaS provides a very convenient platform where data is aggregated and managed centrally. Having been on the platform for more than 3 months, I am also pleasantly impressed with the coverage of the Lorawan network and its stability as compared to the SIM-based solutions that I have used in the past. It also helps that all the related connectivity infrastructures are owned and maintained by SPTel, therefore freeing up precious resources to focus on process improvements and solving actual problems with the insights derived. The platform has also made expansion planning much easier now since we would only need to focus on the type of sensor needed and also where to deploy them while SPTel takes care of the connectivity.”
Lok Kien Cheong, Senior Manager,
Group Information and Technology
Ascendas-Singbridge Pte Ltd
Oneberry Technologies is able to enjoy cost savings and quick deployment by leveraging on the IoT-a-a-S platform and leveraging on a subscription-based model. There is also no capital cost incurred as we can continue to use our existing cameras. Best of all, we can future proof our business by having the option to include new analytics protocols when needed which would not have been possible even with high end IP cameras."
Sara Pereira
Marketing, Sales and BD
Oneberry Technologies Pte Ltd
"L33Tech Pte Ltd is an IoT Distributor of emerging wireless technologies in industrial application. Having experienced SPTel’s IoT-as-a-Service platform firsthand, we firmly believe that the partnership with SPTel will enable our customers to deploy, connect and implement IoT rapidly without costly cabling cost and minimal maintenance. This in turn delivers value through higher level interface and analytics by pulling the data from SPTel's cloud platforms and ecosystem."
Jason Soh, Business Development L33Tech Pte Ltd
"Evvo Iot is privileged to collaborate with SP Tel to deliver IoT-as-a-Service to our end customers. Having done lengthy assessments and tests ourselves, we are now positively convinced of its value and strongly believe that this will enable us to offer an attractive alternative to SME clients who do not have the resources but want to embrace smart solutions by tapping onto SP Tel’s existing and reliable resources at an affordable cost. Hence lower the initial entry cost barriers for our clients and enable them to reap the benefits faster and reduce the learning curve by tapping onto the expertise knowledge gained from the collaboration between Evvo Iot and SP Tel.”
Alfred Lim, Business Unit Owner Evvo IoT
"Having been on SPTel’s IoT-as-a-Service platform for 3 motnhs and seeing its consistently reliable performance, I now have a much better appreciation of the benefits that were not apparent to me earlier. To start, the reduction in resources that would have been incurred to deploy and maintain the IoT infrastructure has now enabled me to redeploy resources to focus on higher value tasks such as analytics and planning. Knowing that the network is constantly being monitored and maintained has also given me peace of mind.”
Tan Shuang Maan, Director TCam Technology Pte Ltd