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White Paper: Building a Smart Facility


White Paper: Building a Smart Facility

We are in an age of rapid digitisation. The COVID 19 pandemic has brought the need for more automated and online processes to the forefront of corporate planning. Organisations are looking at developing more e-services or accelerating their digitalisation plans, such as IoT adoption, to aid in business recovery. This trend increases the need for greater network resiliency, to ensure continuity of operations and adherence to regulatory guidelines on service uptime. A robust and agile communications network is therefore essential.

In pursuit of superior network reliability, we have invested in Smart Facility solutions for the critical infrastructure that our fibre terminates in, ensuring reliable performance and improved security by reducing the need for manual processes. This improves operational efficiency and productivity, allowing preventive maintenance over corrective maintenance which minimises the impact to services SPTel offer.

SPTel is the first Singapore communications network provider to deploy the Smart Facility concept via an IoT as a Service (IoTaaS) platform, to secure its own infrastructure and deliver a highly reliable, business class digital network, for customers.

This paper addresses the digitalisation of facility management, its benefits, challenges and the available solutions to help in its deployment. We explore how SPTel is able to effectively deploy Smart Facility solutions to secure our physical network for customer assurance and how we can support the fast and secure roll-out of IoT solutions with our IoTaaS platform and Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) capabilities.

This white paper will be of value to Architects, IoT Enthusiasts and other decision makers working in the ICT domain looking to deploy new or integrate existing IoT solutions in a wide range of smart city use cases like smart facility management, Industry 4.0, Smart Surveillance and more.

About the contributors
Mr Heng Kwee Tong, Head of Engineering and Customer Solutions at SPTel, is the principal contributor of this white paper. He handles key functions such as research, engineering design and implementation of enterprise network services, Edge Cloud and IoT in SPTel.

He is a veteran in the Telecommunication and Technology Industry with over 20 years of extensive experience and led the implementation of IPTV and FTTH services in Singapore. He has also spoken in numerous forums, such as ConnecTech Asia 2019 and the Global Carrier Community Meeting (GCCM)’19 in Singapore and the TM Forum 2019 in Malaysia.

Kwee Tong has also established patents in RFID, Sigma-Delta Modulation Code Division Multiple Access Receiver, and has more than 10 international publications. His most recent publication is a White Paper titled “The Road to 5G Services” in June 19.

He is supported in this endeavor by his team members Dr. Guo Ning, Principal Architect, SPTel, holder of PhD in Optical Communications from NTU, Singapore and Mr. Venkat Subramanian Arumugaperumal, IoT Engineer, SPTel, Executive member of The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and Mozilla Representative, Singapore.

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