|25 June 2019, Tuesday

White Paper: The Road to 5G services


White Paper: The Road to 5G services

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This White Paper addresses the opportunity for the introduction and deployment of 5G services, supported by SPTel’s truly diverse and cloud-like intelligent network.

It highlights the benefits of using SPTel’s unique network that combines leased SP Group infrastructure as well as owned fibre pipes laid alongside the power network cables, to provide network diversity from existing Telecommunications infrastructure, thus enabling reliable connectivity solutions for Telco operators, enterprises and Government. It also details the capabilities of the intelligent future network that SPTel is investing in, that is Singapore’s first end-to-end Software-Defined Network with Network Functions Virtualisation (SDN-NFV).

The Paper discusses the features and benefits of 5G, as the latest iteration of mobile radio technology. It summarises the Singapore business context as the country prepares to roll out 5G services, explores sectors of the economy that will benefit from 5G, as well as highlighting use cases and elaborating on details of supporting technology. It clarifies how SP Telecom’s network and digital services value proposition can help in the roll-out of 5G in Singapore.

This White Paper will be of value to the technology decision makers at government agencies as well as businesses reviewing 5G, including the implementation of private 5G networks. It is also of critical value to technical and business leaders of network operators, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) and global telecommunications carriers.