Assistant Principal Engineer, Infra Planning & Implementation

Adam Yeo Chee Kian

Assistant Principal Engineer, Infra Planning & Implementation

The experience you gain is something no one can take away and will build you up to be a stronger person.

How does someone who pursued an education in Marketing and HR end up with a career in network planning? Meet Adam Yeo Chee Kian, our Assistant Principal Engineer, Infra Planning & Implementation and a true believer in following your dreams.

Adam started out in marketing and HR but was never really satisfied with his role so he took a chance and ventured into the telecom industry. When he realized that he had found something he was passionate about, he decided to continue growing in this industry and never looked back.

“For me to feel fulfilled, I need to be happy in my role. Making the switch to telco was the best decision I made, and I committed myself to further honing my skills in the industry. I spent 14 years in one of the major telcos in Singapore, building it up from humble beginnings into a well-known provider today. Subsequently, I progressed to IMDA to help with regulatory requirements for network deployment to ensure Singapore can become a leader in telecommunications. All this is only possible because I decided to follow my heart and work for my passion.”

With so many years of experience under his belt, Adam set about looking for the next big game changer in the industry and he found that with SPTel.

“After being involved in a massive nationwide mobile project, I was hooked. I could see that what I was doing made a difference to the lives of the people around me and it is what drives me to constantly look for ways to contribute to innovation within the industry. When I heard that SPTel, as an alternate fibre backbone for Singapore, was revolutionizing the way a telco operates by digitalizing services and allowing for automated order processing and fulfillment, I knew I needed to be a part of this project as it would benefit many companies in their network deployment.”

Rolling out such a big project is not easy of course and Adam shares how he stays motivated.

“It’s my team mates that keep me going. I love their vibe and can-do attitude even in the face of obstacles. We can laugh together, help each other problem solve and even challenge one another because we are all driven by the same goal – bringing our dream network to life. I hope that besides just contributing to the roll out of a new digital network, I am also able to share my experiences with my peers and help them in their career to learn and grow together.”

This positive individual has these parting words of advice for anyone who is facing difficulty with a project.

“Carpe diem. Seize the day. Do your best and overcome each challenge as they come. The experience you gain is something no one can take away and will build you up to be a stronger person. Focusing on negativity will only drain your energy so always look at the positives of your situation.”

In his free time, he enjoys window shopping and a relaxing afternoon tea while he watches the world go by. When he needs to work out a problem, he goes for a run to clear his mind. This long distance runner can easily finish 21km runs and even pushes for 42km when he wants a challenge.

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