Denise Kwok, Product Manager

Denise Kwok

Denise Kwok, Product Manager

Being creative and innovative is my work philosophy.

Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye. To bring about game changing ideas, it’s about going beyond conventional thinking and broadening your mind to all possibilities before distilling it down into an actionable and executable solution. Luckily, we found just the right mix in our Product Manager, Denise Kwok.

With over 8 years of telco experience, Denise, who holds a Master’s Degree in Corporate Finance and Business Administration in University Leicester, has previously worked in a leading telco. Now, at SPTel, she plays a key role in overseeing the overall go-to-market strategies for the products here at SPTel, from product positioning to messaging. Aside from these responsibilities, she also helps with driving demand and adoption by enabling sales with the right tools to educate the market.

We asked her what motivated her to make the switch to SPTel.

“I decided to join SPTel because I see the potential of what we are building here. I am proud and excited to be part of the pioneer team, building one of the most innovative business grade intelligent network powered fully by Software-Defined Network with Network Functions virtualization to empower businesses with a smart and truly digital network experience. With its high visibility and scalability on an integrated security platform over the entire network, SPTel is bringing about a market first that will totally change the telecommunications landscape.”

She goes on to add that even though it’s the upgraded hardware and software that got her hooked to join the team, it’s the “heartware” that is making her stay.

“If you put aside the technology advancements, it is really about the people in SPTel that makes it special. I am happy to be working in an environment that encourages individuals to be more adventurous in coming up with innovative offers. For example, I was able to launch the first B2B no contract plans in the market. This is only possible with the support and trust that my management and teammates gave me. It really feels like a family, where everyone is working hand in hand towards the success of each campaign and product launch.”

Since joining in 2019, Denise has pushed through significant market firsts in terms of product promotions. Introducing no contract and scalable bandwidth plans to meet the changing market needs and help businesses recover from the pandemic. We asked her how she comes up with such breakthroughs.

“Being creative and innovative is my work philosophy. I believe a creative planning, active listening and critical thinking approach will be the key for success of a campaign or product.”

Taking a never stop learning approach to life, Denise hopes to grow together with SPTel as we roll out our full suite of cloud-like of connectivity, IoT and security solutions for private and public sector in Singapore over the course of the year.

In her free time, Denise enjoys reading books, catching up on dramas or listening to music to wind down. She enjoys travelling around the world as well.

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