Evelyn Lim

Evelyn Lim, Assistant Director, Wholesales & International Alliances

I would say perseverance is key. You will hit a lot of dead ends but you need to have the tenacity to push through.

This Tai Chi (太极) lover will NOT “Tai Chi” (push) away challenges.

Meet Evelyn Lim, our team lead for the Wholesales & International Alliances segment. With over 20 years in the telco wholesale industry, and experience in sales as well as infrastructure procurement, this is one veteran you want leading the charge in the international space.

“The telco wholesale market is very specialized. It’s about understanding their needs and knowing the right people. If you don’t have the business insight to quickly zoom in on their pain points and requirements or if you don’t know the decision maker, then you’ll find yourself hitting roadblocks. Which is why it is very important to sink your roots into this industry and gain the right knowledge in order to succeed and grow this segment.”

We needed to pick her brains further on this unique area of business. When cracking a segment relies strongly on who you know and how much you know, how can someone looking to enter this space start?

“Traditional telco wholesales is definitely a very niche field. However, the industry still needs young, vibrant people to join and continue to run the show. Everyone starts from zero, even myself when I first entered the industry. I would say perseverance is key. You will hit a lot of dead ends but you need to have the tenacity to push through. It’s a school of hard knocks but fail fast and keep learning, don’t give up easily. That is the only way you can carve out a space for yourself in this arena.”

With her keen insight and strong connections with the industry, we asked her to share what makes for successful customer engagement and how she intends to bring in more wholesale partners.

“Building up trust and a strong relationship with customers for a relatively new telco like SPTel is definitely an exciting task. I’m not one to step away from challenges and I believe strongly in what we are delivering with our digitalization and innovation efforts. With a strong solution backing us, it boils down to sincere and truthful engagement with our customers. We must be honest with them to gain their trust and of course, deliver on our promises.”

Engaging customers, understanding their needs and coordinating across multiple teams to ensure smooth deliver is no small task. So to unwind, Evelyn enjoys sports such as swimming and has recently picked up Tai Chi.

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