SPTel’s Safe Management Officer

Jeff Lim In Chong

SPTel’s Safe Management Officer

We need to pull together as a team to ensure we can all work safely.

While most people shy away from taking on additional tasks that are outside their comfort zone, this go-getter volunteered instead. Meet Jeff Lim In Chong, SPTel’s Safe Management Officer (SMO) and in charge of ensuring we stay healthy and safe while we work.

Being the SMO is no enviable task. With guidelines changing according to the pandemic situation and the added duty of ensuring everyone sticks with the safety plan (and sometimes facing the grumbles and complaints of colleagues), it is definitely not a role that most people would volunteer for. We asked Jeff why he put himself up for the role and how he prepared himself for the task ahead.

“I saw that this was an important job and it needed to get done. Rather than waiting for someone to be “Sabo-ed” and do the job halfheartedly, I decided to volunteer and drive SPTel’s safety plan. To prepare myself, I started by reading all the information I could find about Safe Management Measures (SMM) on the MOM and MOH websites. I also worked closely with the SMO team of ST Engineering (one of our parent companies) to ensure that we aligned our information and materials with them.”

That’s a lot of research and on the go learning, but what exactly is it that an SMO does?

“My key responsibilities revolve around ensuring SPTel’s main and secondary office spaces are safe working environments for our team. I need to ensure that all SMMs are followed by staff as well as contractors that visit our offices and enforce the rules when people accidentally flout them. Anything from maintaining our physical demarcations, topping up hand sanitisers to ensuring labels on information and posters are kept visible and readable would fall under my care.”

And we understand that those are just a FEW of the tasks that Jeff has taken on in the background so that we can safely go about our normal day to day tasks. With so much to do, how can we help make the SMO’s role less challenging?

With so many things to look out for and problems to solve, what do you find rewarding about this role?

“Running between two office locations, checking on safety measures ensuring we have enough supplies have all added to my cardio for the week and I must say I’m fitter than before I took on the role! But seriously, the joy is in connecting with people from other business units, meeting my counter parts in ST Engineering and sharing our experiences. I see this as a chance to meet people and learn about how they are coping with the pandemic and for me to grow as an individual. One of the key things I learnt is that everyone needs to be involved to keep Singapore safe. Whether you are working from home or in office, do your part and we will beat this virus. Also, MOM inspectors are not the monsters we imagine them to be. They are here to do their job and guide us on how we can improve. I now treat inspections as a way to further develop our SMMs.”

Jeff is definitely an effective and efficient SMO, but he attributes his success to a team of people helping him behind the scenes.

“I want to thank Boon Huat and Kian Peow for believing in me and letting me take on the role as SMO. I also would like to thank Donica for all the work she does behind the scenes to help with the logistics at our secondary location. Without her many things would not have been possible. I can’t be in two places at once so when I’m not at the secondary office, Wang Ping and David Wang help me to oversee safety regulations there. Finally, a big thank you to Kwee Tong and his team for helping to quickly turn a blank space into a working space by getting our connectivity up fast. With all these wonderful people and team spirit, we can achieve anything!”

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