Sara Pek, Senior Manager - Product and Business Process

Sara Pek

Sara Pek, Senior Manager - Product and Business Process


A woman with many hats; that’s what Sara Pek is! This amazing lady is the Senior Manager of both Product and Business Process here at SPTel.

As a leader in the product team, she believes in challenging the status quo by coming up with new ways to price and customise our solutions to better address modern day business needs. One such breakthrough is with SPTel’s revolutionary no contract connectivity plans to support businesses requiring remote work sites during the current COVID-19 situation.

With more than 20 years of Telco experience, Sara has a keen understanding of customer needs and an acute awareness of market changes which she uses to find the sweet spot where solutions meet business needs.

“Pricing is secondary. The first step is to come up with something that your customers will want. Once you’ve nailed that down, you’ll have the leverage to work out a win-win, where the value of the product justifies it’s price.”

Besides this, she also plays a key role in developing and strategizing SPTel’ s digital transformation towards a new intelligent network with automated processes to enable services on demand. This added scope is both challenging and rewarding.

“Definitely it’s tough to juggle two demanding roles. However, as we move towards a more digitalised economy, the services supporting the future Smart Nation and Industry 4.0 initiatives must evolve as well. Traditional telco models can no longer keep up with the flexibility and agility of today’s market where sudden surges and changing environmental conditions can lead to major shifts in network demands.”

So what keeps her so driven? She has this friendly piece of advice for us, be happy and you will naturally be motivated.

“It’s about your mindset. You can either think, I have so many responsibilities! Or you can think, I am leading an exciting new chapter that will transform the telco landscape.” She goes on to mention her supportive team mates that help brighten her day.

“I am especially grateful for the friendly team here at SPTel. This is one company that brings in people from many different industries and backgrounds to complement one another. This makes our problem solving more robust and helps us create out of the box ideas.” Reinforcing her commitment is the fact that she is building something she will be proud of.

“I can proudly tell my friends and family that I helped to build Singapore’s 1st Cloud-gen telco. I think this is something not many can claim.”

Aside from working (really hard), Sara enjoys globetrotting and experiencing different cultures and beautiful scenery.

To sum it all up, Sara is “Happy to be part of the SPTel family and enjoying the journey every day.”

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