Reliable and cost-effective Business Internet

SPTel Internet Access is an enterprise grade, high speed business internet service that is delivered over our diverse fibre network, achieving security, reliability and resiliency.

Fibre path diversity and physical security

Unique to SPTel, our business internet service runs on a fibre cable network that we own and manage. By laying our cables along the nation’s power grid, we ensure that our network pathways are separate and unique from existing telco infrastructure. This extends even to our fibre termination points within buildings. Instead of entering buildings from the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) room like other providers, our fibre cables enter through the building’s substation/switch room and directly to our customers’ offices. By owning our own fibre network, we do not need to rely on a single exchange and can provide exchange diversity, so your network traffic can be quickly and automatically re-routed via the next available exchange. Find out more about our network diversity here.

An added benefit of laying our fibre cable alongside power cables is that we enjoy the same physical protections. Critical infrastructure such as powerlines are protected with a concrete casing at key areas and are buried much deeper than ordinary fibre cables. This greatly reduces the chance of disruptions to your Business Internet service arising from human error or construction work.

How Business Internet works

Benefits at a glance:

  • Network path diversity

Enjoy reliable enterprise grade Internet connectivity with high network resilience.

  • Managed Internet router

Do away with upfront capex investment and leave your Internet router ownership and management to us.

  • SLA of up to 100% availability

Peace of mind that your business operations will always be up and running.

  • 24/7 proactive network monitoring and support by Singapore based NOC

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Why SPTel?


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