Building an intelligent network

Today’s business needs are no longer static. Customer requirements are constantly changing, and they are no longer satisfied with “business as usual” mode of operations. Increasingly, we are seeing the opportunity for businesses to leverage on an intelligent network to enhance their business resiliency and agility.

3 Key business challenges faced by traditional network models

Inflexible data bandwidths

Data does not flow in a constant stream. There are instances where a surge can put a strain on your network, but current network providers are unwilling to release their bandwidth cap without additional contract commitments.

Increased cyber security risk

With new apps, services and devices being connected to your network, there are more entry points that hackers can use to compromise your defenses. Yet service providers are unable to detect or mitigate attacks for East-West traffic within the customers’ network.

Digital transformation

We are always talking about going digital and being more productive but legacy systems do not allow for IT managers to access a centralized control of your network from wherever they may be.
That is why our intelligent network will a be fully Software-Defined Network with Network Functions Virtualisation (SDN-NFV) to empower businesses with a smarter, digital network experience. Gain visibility, control, scalability and security over your entire network from the convenience of a single customer portal that you can access anywhere, anytime.

Traditional VS Next Generation Network Experience

Here is how we’re doing things differently to get you closer to your end customers and empower you to respond to their dynamic demands. We’re introducing a more flexible network structure that is supported by software intelligence and physical diversity for greater reliability and resiliency.

Traditional network experience Intelligent network experience
Manual and time consuming:
• Offline order process
• Negotiating for changes
• No clarity on pricing
• Long provisioning lead time
Digital and automated:
• Online customer portal for self-help services anywhere and anytime
• Instant quotations, even when you wish to reserve bandwidth in advance
• Provisioning in minutes
Rigid service contracts Flexible contracts, bandwidth on-demand and pay-per-use model for services
Manual configuration & complex topology Intelligent orchestration & end-to-end visibility
Physical hardware Virtualized routers, security and other services
Manual service provisioning with low visibility Automated service delivery with real-time updates
Manual troubleshooting Self-healing network with incident notification

Benefits at a glance

  • Intelligent

A network that can take pre-emptive action before your business gets affected. With SDN-NFV our network will self-heal by automatically re-routing traffic before congestion is encountered to prevent network disruptions. It also comes with cyber security to fend off DDoS attacks originating from the Internet, providing you with a clean pipe and peace of mind.

  • Programmable

Control and manage your network functions from a single dashboard with inbuilt analytics, to optimise your network operations and cost.

  • Dynamic

Increase bandwidth, change network protocols and implement cyber security features on demand so you pay only for what you need, when you need it. Order processing is automated via a 24/7 self-service portal with instant quotations and provisioning automatically completed in minutes.

  • Agile

Be closer to the industries, events and people that you serve with access to our pervasive network of hubs around the nation for computing and analysis at the edge. Accelerate your business automation and digitization with innovative offerings like IoT-as-a-Service (IoT-a-a-S) deployed on demand over our network, find out more about IoT-a-a-S here.

  • Resilient

Improve your business resiliency with true network diversity with unique fibre pathways and network node diversity to decrease your reliance on shared infrastructure. Find out more about network diversity here.


End-to-end digital customer experience

• Fully Software Defined Network with Network Functions Virtualization (SDN-NFV)
• Single log-in B/OSS customer portal for 24/7 order processing and service provisioning
• Drag and drop widget features to design and configure network services seamlessly and remotely.

One-stop customer dashboard

• Full network overview with utility graphs, performance statistics and usage trends.
• Real-time updates on provisioning status and service quality
• Network alerts once congestion or attacks are detected
• Ticket tracking of fault management

Programmable functions

• Bandwidth on-demand on a pay-per-use model
• Cater for advanced bookings for additional bandwidth
• Control and distribute, QoS, security and policy information

Intelligent tools

• Quality monitoring and proactive remediation (self-healing network) with recommendations and insights.
• Intuitive user guidance, Chat-bot, Live chat and CoBrowse assistance

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