SPTel is the first provider in Singapore to offer IoT-a-a-S on a subscription-based model

Internet of Things or IoT is the current buzzword in technology. Billions of devices are already connected around the world, collecting and sharing data. The next step is to use wireless networks to add a level of digital intelligence to these connected devices by enabling them to communicate with real-time data, without human intervention. Businesses today are now actively reaching for IoT to enhance their business offerings to cut down on processes and improve performance. To enable more businesses to tap the benefits of IoT, SPTel has developed an Internet of Things as a Service (IoT-a-a-S) platform (view the press release here).

IoT-a-a-S allows businesses to reap the benefits of IoT without hefty set-up costs and long deployment lead time. SPTel’s IoT-a-a-S platform runs on a pay-per-use subscription basis, unlike the traditional way of deployment, to lower the barriers to entry. Deployment is also faster as our pervasive IoT-a-a-S hubs in Singapore enable you to tap into the nearest location to where you require your IoT application.

Our unique advantage lies in our multiprotocol IoT platform. It is application agnostic, so devices can connect to the platform regardless of their current IoT application protocol. IoT partners can also leverage on our secure and truly diverse network that consists of thousands of hubs across the country to perform multi-edge computing to bring faster IoT application services to their customers.

Benefits at a glance

  • Cost effective

IoT-a-a-S gives businesses the flexibility to pay based on a subscription-based model. With no hefty infrastructure and equipment costs involved, it lowers the risk for enterprises taking the first step towards building their IoT capabilities. Our IoT-a-a-S platform also relies on low power WAN connectivity from the IoT sensors to our pervasive hubs which are connected to our fibre network rather than mobile data services which means you do not need to worry about data caps, latency issues or purchase multiple SIM cards and data plans.

  • Hassle free and fast deployment

IoT-a-a-S is an “Open IoT system” that operates as a hassle-free one-stop shop that delivers end-to-end connectivity for seamless IoT deployment across different application protocols and locations. This is because the platform is built to optimise shared computing resources, while maintaining independent, secure operations and control for individual subscribers. This eliminates the need to approach and negotiate with multiple facility owners when deploying over multiple locations.

  • Improved productivity and operational efficiency

Services that are delivered through our centralised IoT-a-a-S platform will benefit from advanced data analytics to generate greater insights for predictive actions to either self-remedy detected issues or alert you to problems before they arise.

  • 24/7 monitoring by a Singapore based NOC

Our NOC team will always be on standby to detect and remedy network faults.

How can IoT-a-a-S be used?

IoT partners can jointly build smart city applications like smart, energy-efficient, green buildings along with next-generation intelligent cloud network and multi-access edge computing infrastructure. Deployment can range from public safety and security systems, transport, public amenities such as street lighting, energy and water resource management, lift monitoring to other facilities management services. Leverage on our pervasive hubs to deploy edge computing and IoT to:

  • Extend the cloud to where people, events and industries connect
  • Provide real-time delivery of live and on-demand content
  • Distribute computing for intense local tasks
  • Perform IoT analytics at the point of capture
  • Ensure low latency for critical data

SP Telecom Pervasive Edge Computing Hubs

Key Product Features

IoT protocol agnostic and open API

IoT-a-a-S comes with protocol plug-ins that automatically support standard IoT protocols. The open API architecture also caters for non-standard IoT devices that businesses are not yet ready to retire to communicate on the same platform.

Centralised IoT platform

Integrate all your IoT solutions on a common platform to facilitate data exchange, analysis and real-time updates.

Multi-edge computing

With more data being generated with IoT, enterprises need a better, closer and more cost-effective way of processing it. To reduce network usage and improve application performance and responsiveness, multi-edge computing capabilities are essential.

SPTel’s unique data network infrastructure not only comes inbuilt with network diversity ( to find out more, view our network diversity video here ) for greater business resilience and reliability, it also has thousands of hubs that can facilitate computing at the edge.

Subscription based mode

No set-up costs. Monthly subscription starting from as low as $2/connected device.

Sign up for the SPTel Internet of Things (IoT)-as-a-Service Trial Program!

You’ll enjoy a 6 week free trial and 50% subsidy on pilot fees.


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