SPTel’s IP VPN provides reliable and efficient Layer 3 private connectivity for your multiple business sites in Singapore.

IP VPN is a managed networking solution that caters to the dynamic needs of today’s business environment, especially when they need the flexibility to scale up capacity without undergoing extensive network reconfiguration or new installation. SPTel’s IP VPN is a Layer 3 Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity service that leverages on Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology to connect multiple business sites easily and effectively.

With IP VPN, all types of IP traffic for different applications can be optimised over the subscribed capacity. SPTel’s IP VPN service is delivered over our high-performance network that comes in-built with unique fibre path ways and diversity for enhanced reliability and business resiliency.

SPTel’s IP VPN service is recommended for businesses in Singapore that:

  • Have multiple offices island wide
  • Require a managed service for network connectivity with routers
  • Manage a mix of mission critical and business-essential applications across the network
  • Need a reliable managed network partner that offers network diversity for business resiliency

How SPTel's IP VPN Works

Hub and Spoke

Any to Any

Benefits at a glance

  • Fully managed private network for all the data priority levels you need

With 6 Classes of Service choices to prioritise your traffic and mission critical applications to ensure optimal performance, SPTel IP VPN enables you to send your data consistently, efficiently & securely over a MPLS enabled private network. As a fully managed service provider, we will take care of the installation, maintenance and management of our network and routers for your business.

  • High Performance

Unlike other service providers, SPTel provides 1 pair of fibre strands to each customer that terminates directly in to their site instead of terminating the fibre at the MDF room before splitting the bandwidth to individual customer units. This means that customers will benefit from greater reliability and lower latency from their IP VPN connection.

  • Bandwidth scalability up to 10Gbps

SPTel’s IPVPN service supports a range of speeds from 10Mbps to 10Gbps. Alternatively, surge usage can be up to 10 times the original base usage bandwidth and charged on a utility-based model so you only pay for what you use.

  • Flexible Configuration and Contract Terms

SPTel maintains a flexible and less restrictive IP VPN configuration for more efficient transport of the end user’s equipment and applications, enabling enterprises to enjoy jumbo frame support or upgrade port interfaces from FastEthernet to GigabitEthernet at no additional costs. This flexibility extends to our contract terms as well. Customers can sign on for as short a term as 3 months, at the same monthly rate as a 1-year term. By avoiding complexity and commitment inflexibility, enterprises can ease the burden on their IT team, and continue to focus on their core business.

  • Unique fibre paths and backup connectivity for business resiliency

Our data infrastructure comes in-built with unique network path and diversity for greater business resilience. Learn more about our network diversity here. Under our dual links service option, once a fault has been detected, our service will automatically re-route traffic through the next available network path to ensure minimal to no down time for your business.

  • Peace of mind with 24/7 monitoring by Singapore based NOC

SPTel IP VPN Features and Benefits

Direct & Diverse Fibre

Unique fibre entry into building via power substation, directly serving from our network edge to your premises for high quality

Higher Speeds

From 10Mbps to 10Gbps, vs. industrial norm of up to 1Gbps

Dynamic Pricing

Option to burst above base bandwidth and pay only for your usage

More Classes of Service

6, vs the industrial norm of 4

Upgrade to SPTel SD-WAN and Internet overlay network

Boost your IP VPN network further with SD-WAN + Internet Access upgrades. SPTel SD-WAN will intelligently optimize the usage of the network with policies to allow mission critical applications to have maximum uptime and availability. Once the network overlay is in place, there is full visibility over bandwidth usage and performance by the different applications. Learn more about our SD-WAN service here.

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SPTel True Network Diversity

At SPTel, we deliver True Network Diversity by providing unique fibre pathways, managing our own central offices and entering buildings via the substation/switch room. This enables businesses to enjoy a diversity option that is resilient and secure.

Why SPTel?


True Network Diversity

Unique and diverse path options for your network

Intelligent Network

The nation’s first fully end-to-end Software Defined Network with Network Functions Virtualisation

Extensive Local + Global Reach

Network of pervasive hubs for edge cloud computing and open API to connect globally

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