Reliability for mission-critical connectivity

Reliability is our cornerstone. To achieve true network diversity, SPTel uses unique fibre pathways that combine infrastructure leased from SP Group together with our own fibre pipes, laid alongside the power network cables. Our network is built with a highly protected fibre route and core density at every stage, plus dual exchanges as a standard for all our connected buildings.

Buried deeper underground, our cables run through our own secure facilities for lower risk of service disruptions from
3rd party activities. This ensures your mission-critical data is delivered reliably.

End To End Network Diversity

End-to-end Network Diversity
Path + central
office/exchange diversity

Greater Physical Security

Greater Physical Security
Cables buried deeper
underground and passing
through owned property

Low Latency

Ultra Low Latency
2-tier network reduces number
of hops needed for data to travel


SPTel Layout