Simplify and achieve network efficiency with Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)

Traditional Wide Area Network (WAN) design is based on multiple single-function devices with silo management and disparate WAN links connecting them, needing multiple truck rolls to deploy, monitor and troubleshoot. With increasing demands for high bandwidth, secure and efficient networks, it is challenging for enterprises to manage their network, yet optimising operating costs at the same time. As a result, businesses are unable to achieve optimal performance or cost for their network. With SPTel SD-WAN, businesses can simplify and optimise their network through a unified network controller and platform.

Our SD-WAN devices provide secure optimized connectivity to private, public and hybrid applications, computing and virtualized services, and creates an advanced network overlay leveraging on existing connectivity solutions like IPVPN, Metro Ethernet or Internet. Once the network overlay is in place, there is full visibility over bandwidth usage and performance by the different applications, with policies to allow mission critical applications to have maximum uptime and availability. Secured communication protocols can be deployed across the network by simply configuring it within our SD-WAN device. Best of all our SD-WAN is agnostic to the underlay’s service providers if there is internet connectivity, enabling consolidated control over customer’s entire network, no matter who the connectivity partners are. This is especially critical for businesses that require service provider diversity.

How SD-WAN works

Benefits at a glance:

  • Network Agility

SD-WAN is cloud-managed and software based and can quickly adapt to changing needs including setting up of new branches or remote offices and lets you dynamically route traffic to optimise data delivery.

  • Ease of Deployment

SD-WAN allows fast provisioning with automated zero-touch deployment and simplified configuration. All configurations can be pushed from a central source without needing a technician to facilitate the update or installation.

  • Central Management and Control

Manage, monitor and control all network activity and alerts with SPTel SD-WAN, regardless of who your service provider(s) is/are if there is internet connectivity to the SD-WAN devices. Remotely detect network issues and push configurations across the entire network or specific network nodes. Receive real-time data on network performance and allow customers to respond quickly to disruptions while they happen.

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Why Choose SPTel’s Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) Service?

Best in class partners

Meet our partners:

VMware, Inc. – Deploy your branch office WAN in minutes with VMware SD-WAN.

Nokia – Grow your enterprise business with a dynamic approach to branch connectivity and managed services.

Compliance and assurance

Compliant with simple and secure VPN via standard VPNC-compliant IPsec tunnels. 24/7 proactive service monitoring and support from a Singapore based NOC and a 4 hour service level of a 1 to 1 hardware exchange in Singapore should your device prove faulty.

Fully managed service

We provide full support for provisioning, management and maintenance for all SD-WAN devices supported by SPTel.

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